BLMN virtual art show submission deadline is near

Now is the time to act if you want your art to appear in Black Lives Matter Nashville’s third arts exhibition. Organizers say August 31 is the submissions deadline for the justice group’s new virtual exhibition, Black 3rd Space. According to a BLMN statement, the program is slated to take place in September:

Illustration is “Untitled 21” by Shadani Fleming.

Nashville’s Black 3rd Space is calling for submissions from Black artists, markers, and creators in Nashville for a September virtual exhibition on Instagram. Black 3rd Space is our new virtual art initiative which aims to highlight Black local artists of all demographics and mediums, and to create a collective space for visioning a limitless Black future.  

Submission Details: contributions can be of any medium or content, so long as all submission components are included and it can be shared digitally via email. This can include digital painting or illustration, collage, graphic design, traditional painting, photography, short essays, poetry, anything. For work made non-digitally, please photograph or scan it so that an image can be emailed.

Please email a copy of your submission to

Submissions should include:

  •  a copy/image of your work (images must be png or jpeg files)
  •  the title of your work, a short description, and the medium used
  • your preferred name, pronouns, and IG handle
  • a brief statement about your work (optional)
  • a picture of yourself (optional)

By submitting your contribution you are agreeing:

  • that the work submitted is your own (or properly attributed)
  • to allow BLM Nashville’s Black 3rd Space to post and repost your contribution materials online with credit
  • potentially to be part of the online exhibition permanently, if selected

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