Nashville effort seeks to transform Black lives

Sharing this, which appeared in the VSNTN inbox today.

Born out of the summer uprisings and dedicated to participatory democracy, the Black delegation of the Nashville People’s Budget Coalition is excited to invite Black folks in Nashville to join us on Saturday, September 12th at Hadley Park to work together to transform and build our communities.

Register now!!

We are gathering Black people in Nashville to discuss the issues that impact our lives, discuss solutions that will transform the lives of Black people in Nashville, and invite Black folks into relationship building and collective action.

Invite your friends and neighborhoods to join us at Hadley Park to take collective action to build the future we know we deserve.

We are knocking on doors and phone banking to talk to our people about the issues impacting the Black community and register Black folks for the Black Nashville Assembly. Sign-up here if you are down to be a part of our outreach squad!

Please email the Nashville People’s Budget Coalition at if you have any questions or concerns.

In Solidarity,

Workers’ Dignity


Does this effort exclude biracial, mixed, multi people, etc., many of whom are brown, not Black?

How about other people of color?

Is there anything allies can do to help?.

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